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Winter is here and the forecast predicts lots of SNOW.
Sharpen those edges and get ready to ride!
Come and enjoy Winter on the mountain at Blue Knob, it's is a great place to be anytime of year! 
Check out the Festivals in PA website for a complete list of amazing activities available in the area:
2021 SKA Board Election Results
Posted on Oct 25th, 2021
The 2021 Spruce Knob Association Board election resulted in all three vacant seats being filled by the following top vote recipients:  
Jennifer Daniels  53
Maddie Almer  53
Troy McMullen  52 
Thank you to all who voted, and welcome new board members.  
Indoor Pool Facility
Posted on Oct 12th, 2021
News from Blue Knob All Seasons Resort and the Phase 2 Condo Association
Indoor Pool Facility
Derrick St Clair, the new president of the Phase 2 Condominium Association and their board are currently overseeing the renovation of the indoor swimming pool.  This includes the pool, hot tub, exercise room, shower and bathrooms with an anticipated opening date of late October, 2021.
The Phase 2 Board has worked up a tentative operating budget and fee structure. The intent and plan are to operate the pool as a separate business entity from their association and have a board member from each of the five associations at Blue Knob on a board to oversee and manage operations and future fee structures.
In the interim and for the reopening of the facility, they are offering memberships to all the various associations at Blue Knob, including the members of their association for an annual fee of $234.00 per year which works out to be $19.50 a month.
Additionally, within the indoor swimming pool complex, is a semi-private locker room with separate entrances and exits. This room contains approximately 85 lockers that can be used to store recreational equipment including skis and snowboards. The Phase 2 Association is also offering all Blue Knob associations an opportunity to rent one or more lockers for an annual rental fee of $75 per locker.
Phase 2 is asking anyone interested in the facility memberships or annual locker rentals to please get in contact with Derrick St. Clair at:
email: derrick@elitekitchenandbath.net 
phone: 814-701-1070
Outdoor Pool Use
Posted on Jul 19th, 2017
Reminder -- The outdoor pool is for BKA members only and we need everyone to help police the pool.  If a member sees a non member using the pool please ask them to leave or notify the condo office.
SKA Trash Dumpsters
Posted on Feb 21st, 2017
The trash dumpsters for SKA homeowners are located across the street from the condo rental office.  

Upcoming Events
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FAQ for Lots and Utilities
Locating a lot: The majority of lots are not staked to provide boundry lines. If the current owner does not know the location of the boundaries, the best way to ensure the lot boundary lines is to use a survey company. You can attempt to locate a lot by using the lot map. Be advised, this map is only an overview and does not give specific coordinates. 
Utilities: Not all lots have access to utilities. For information on how to find out if your lot has access to utilities, follow the link below.

Lots for Sale
We have many available lots that offer fantastic views of the mountain, ski area, golf course, or quiet wooded interior areas. 


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