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Cooler temperatures have arrived in the mountains and the leaves are showing their Fall colors.  
Come and enjoy Fall at Blue Knob, it's is a great place to be anytime of year! 
Check out the Festivals in PA website for a complete list of amazing activities available in the area:
Come join us in a wide variety of outdoor activities or just sit peacefully on the deck and listen to the sounds of the mountains.
Redline/Summary Versions of Proposed Bylaws & Covenants
Posted on Sep 13th, 2016
To make it easier for the membership we are posting a "redlined" version of the Declarations of Protective Covenants. As there were more substantive proposed changes to the bylaws, we are providing a memorandum which includes a bulleted list of all changes as a reference.
We hope this makes it easier to see what's actually changed and make people feel more comfortable in understanding what they're voting for.
Blair County Tax Re-Assessment
Posted on Jul 28th, 2016
The Spruce Knob Community has collectively been subject to a tax re-assessment by Blair County which has aimed to re-establish a baseline fair market value for properties and dwellings from what had been formerly set using 1958 values to an updated 2016 valuation.
SKA Trash Dumpsters
Posted on Jan 12th, 2016
The trash dumpsters for SKA homeowners are located across the street from the condo rental office.  There is no fee for use of the dumpster since the cost is covered by your yearly SKA dues.  If you need a key or to report a problem with the dumpster, use "Contact Us" on the SKA.  Please conserve space by breaking down boxes and dispose of household trash only.  No bulk trash, furniture, matresses or large items.  Locking the dumpster assures it will be used only by SKA homeowners, keep the bears away, and insure the surrounding area will remain trash free.  Thanks!   
Updated Info Request
Posted on Sep 2nd, 2015
Please send us new information such as addresses and e-mails via "Contact Us" so we may update our membership data base.  When you sell your property, please let us know and ask the new owner to send us info as well.  Thank you!

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FAQ for Lots and Utilities
Locating a lot: The majority of lots are not staked to provide boundry lines. If the current owner does not know the location of the boundaries, the best way to ensure the lot boundary lines is to use a survey company. You can attempt to locate a lot by using the lot map. Be advised, this map is only an overview and does not give specific coordinates. 
Utilities: Not all lots have access to utilities. For information on how to find out if your lot has access to utilities, follow the link below.

Lots for Sale
We have many available lots that offer fantastic views of the mountain, ski area, golf course, or quiet wooded interior areas. 


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Epic Ski Complete Guide to Skiing Blue Knob!
If you ski, check, out the Epic Ski Blue Knob Unofficial Guide,

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